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Successful people work hard - on themselves

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

What's the magic relish that turns a so-so career or enterprise into a glowing one? I've had a while to mull this over and I was surprised by the answer I came up with.

I have a client. They run a successful agency helping business people and their enterprises to grow. It's high-energy stuff and they're brave, insightful and dynamic.

They run half marathons for charity, host innovative events for bright-minded, progressive business owners and they've just returned from a road trip with their family.

Now, I realise that we see stories like this all the time. It's the success that we're told to head towards. Get to this level and this is what you can do.

When the hard work is done, you've got the space and time to achieve your dreams.

But it struck me that this is all the wrong way around. Upon closer examination, you realise that this focus on being stronger, more purposeful and enjoying life comes first. But the prevailing wisdom of late capitalism tells us that in order to be valuable, you must be productive - being productive comes first.

But what if we switch this up? What if we were to think of ourselves as valuable before we're productive or successful (whatever this word means)? What if we directed our energies to reading, thinking, exploring, strength, agility, flexibility and self-exploration first, not when we have the time?

Because I think that this is the illusive magic sauce.

If you're a coach, therapist or healer, well done you're already part of this process for other people. They've dropped tools, made a decision about self-worth and sought your help. Overcoming the urge to be productive all the time, they've acknowledged that it's time to step back, cleanse away whatever is stopping them from moving forward and put together a plan for happiness.

But how are you doing?

If you're having a bad month do you beat yourself for not working hard enough, for not being on the hustle enough or do you take it as a signal that you need to spend that time picking up new skills or retuning yourself with old ones?

So I want you to pause reading here and go make a cuppa.

Go on, do it now. I'll know if you haven't.

*cue elevator music*

Right now you're back, think about these things:

  • What can you do to offload the things that you don't like doing? In other words, what's on your bin list? Can you delegate them, put them on the back burner or just drop them altogether?

  • What would you like to do more of? Like the sunflower currently growing in my back garden, we're brighter and more open when we turn our faces towards the warm, bright and life-giving things that we enjoy.

  • What would you like to know more about? Is there a course or a book that you've been putting off purchasing? If you don't have the cash now, make sure it's a priority for when you do. Or check out a few tips and ideas on my blog - it's free!

  • Being creative is fun. Open Canva or head out into the garden with a pad and jot down some blog or social media ideas. This isn't an indulgence. This is vital for your wellbeing and success and that of your business, whatever its size.

  • Have you been meaning to have a 1:1 with someone in your business network? Just to connect, find out what you can do for them or how you can collaborate. Book it now.

Bring this spirit of adventure into your writing

If we look at this concept of what's worthy and what's not in relation to your content, I invite you to search out and flip any long-held beliefs you have about what a good blog looks like or what you should be writing about.

What details about you and your talents are you hiding from the world? What groundbreaking ideas are you harbouring, afraid that your audience won't see you as professional or serious enough? These are the intricate things that help you to stand out from the crowd and start building the all-important connections our lives thrive from but they're also the things that will solidify your confidence and drive you forward to do courageous things - for yourself and your clients.

Find your own source of magic sauce.

And remember that highly successful people work hard on themselves.

Of course, if this was already pretty obvious to you and clearly I'm catching up then thank you for your patience.

What am I working on at the moment? Well, I'm trying to move with purpose and strength after a long line of self-inflicted injuries and I'm reading books on gender bias in evolutionary theory and ancient anthropology as I brew an article on female energy and the future of business. It's my thing.

Have a wonderful day x

I'm a copywriter for coaches, therapists and healers, so if you'd like to offload your blogs and social media captions onto someone else, then I can help. I have an uncanny knack for capturing my clients' voices, whether they're full-on woo or entirely cerebral. And if you'd like to develop your own writing, I'm also a writing coach. We can cover everything from content pillars and planning through to practical blog-writing or even book writing, it's completely flexible. If you have a burning desire to develop and publish your ideas, then I can hold your hand and give you the skills and confidence you need to make it happen.

Find more about and book my coaching programmes here or schedule a friendly free call with me today to see if I'm a good fit for you.

Check out the blog for more writing tips and ideas.

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