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by Amanda  Fearn

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Discover how to mindmap your ideas into a blog

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Spin your blog into social media posts

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Learn how to structure any piece of writing: thought leadership or a book chapter

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Find your tone of voice and enjoy using it

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Already have a podcast? Turn your episodes into blogs

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Create a content matrix, with content pillars, SEO, messaging and purpose in mind

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Brand Language Design

Get to the heart of what you want to say.

If you're stuck for words, your website content is driving you nuts or you feel like your social media creativity has dried up, likely, you're not writing from source.

Join me for a 90 minute, 1:1 online session where we'll examine what you do but more importantly why you do it and who you do it for.

Delving deep to discover your mission, vision and service proposition, as well as your values, I'll craft tone of voice guidance 100% tailored to you. Even if you've had branding done before this is specifically aimed towards your broad spectrum of communication: from website copy to Insta captions; blog posts to podcast notes.

​Following our 1:1 session you'll receive:

  • A hand-crafted, beautifully designed brand language guide featuring your:

  • Mission - the journey you're on

  • Vision - the outcomes you want to achieve

  • Service proposition - why what you do is unique, who you do it for and the skills you use

  • Values - the deep-rooted passions, vibrations and soul-centred elements that underpin your practice

  • Guidance - the words and themes to use in your writing to tell your story and connect with your ideal clients

Use this practical guide whenever you write to keep your copy and content concise, consistent and inspired.

Writing coaching

Putting the power of writing into your hands.

If you're struggling with:

  • Lack of Confidence

  • An idea drought

  • Panic over technical know-how

  • Drab web copy

  • Content production overwhelm

Then I'm the person to help. I'm approachable, friendly and there are no silly quesions.

Nothing makes me happier than when one of my clients takes a technique we've worked on together and then flies with it.

Each session is 100% tailored to you but we can cover things like:

  • How to shape your blog

  • Using a podcast or a mindmap as an initial springboard and then working it into a written piece

  • Sparking ideas using content pillars and a content matrix

  • Exploring what's behind your writer's block and what you can do when it strikes

  • How to be gentle to yourself rather than thrashing the words out of you - it just doesn't work

  • Why connecting to the source of what you do and why you do it is so important for your confidence and message

  • Practical techniques to find hot topics and engagement worthy subjects to talk about

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Writing coaching packages for entrepreneurs


The most popular package

Brand Language and TOV, along with Vision, Mission and Proposition - £150

Enjoy greater continuity, bring your character and unique offering into your writing and feel confident that you're getting your message across.

Start writing before you've nailed your why and how, and you'll go round in circles. Save yourself some time and heartache and book this 1:1 workshop session with me.

We take this carefully crafted, word-focused branding and translate it into guidance that you can use across all your communications.

(Please note, this isn't a full branding service, it specifically covers your language and TOV - let me know if you'd like me to put you in touch with an expert to help you with your visuals.)

Clarity - £70

One-off kick-start session session


This bespoke workshop-for-one is just for you, your business and your purpose. If you're struggling to write for yourself, it's often because you don't know what your story is. This simple guided brain dump session should start you on your way.

I'll provide brief notes of our discussion afterwards.


Flex - £420*

A kick-off workshop followed by a session a month for six months


Starting with an initial session to explore your brand language and find your voice, we'll top things up every month over six months to hone your writing skills and boost your confidence. This is all about you and your business, so whether you want to spell out your message, tighten your website structure or give your social media more sparkle, this is about upping your word game and then keeping it there.


Continuity - £770*

Kick-off session followed by a session a month for twelve months


A whole year of my wordy expertise. From the off, we'll develop your brand language and get to the heart of your message, your mission and the unique ways you meet your customers' needs.

Over twelve monthly sessions, we'll look at everything from flexing your tone for social media to writing a blog. There's no telling where your new-found energy, creativity and enthusiasm will take you.

* if paid for at time of booking, payment plans are available

What you could get done 

It's time to write.png
It's time to write_edited.png
It's time to write.png

A firm foundation for writing with confidence.

Sound like you and show up as yourself always.

Clear your writing block.

Write your website, knowing you've got a guide beside you to help.

Keep your social media captions, podcast show notes and blog content consistent and on-brand.

Define what drives you.

Figure out who you're helping, why you're doing it and what you want the outcome to be.

Your array of bright ideas reigned in and set down.

Refresh, redefine and reclarify the what, why and who of what you do.

Your central message starting to take shape.

A starting point for developing your brand language and tone of voice.

A simple foundation to start work on your website, social media campaign or blog,

All your own work with guidance from me.

All of the above.

Your website copy written by you, edited and live.

Blog writing mastered.

Your words but with my experience behind you to give you confidence.

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All of the above.

Plan, write and execute a longer campaign.

Repurpose copy, develop a story, build confidence in your writing and your readership.

Develop the copy for an entire digital marketing strategy with your unique voice at the centre.

Become the writer you know you can be.

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It's time to write_edited.png

How to work with me:

  • For coaching: select the right programme for you and book online.

  • For brand language guidance: choose your off-the-peg but not one-size-fits-all service here.

  • For copywriting: book a free virtual coffee to tell me what you need, I'll talk you through the process and then if we decide we're a good fit, I'll get to work. I'll give you everything you need to know about costs, payment options and timings upfront.

  • If you're not sure what you need or where you'd like to go next, please book a friendly chat and we'll come up with some ideas together.

  • Please note that the investment quoted is for sole practitioners. If you're a larger organisation, please talk to me about my corporate rates.

  • I'm eager to help start-ups, particularly those run by people made vulnerable by recovering from or escaping domestic abuse. Please talk to me if you'd like to access my service but you don't have the full budget right now.

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