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by Amanda Fearn

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Sharp but soulful copy for  your new website

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Fresh launch material or brochure copy

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Engaging monthly blogs and newsletters

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Eye-catching social media captions

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Your book or collaboration project chaper

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Authoritative and purpposeful thought leadership




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Repurposing your brilliant podcast into integrated monthly LinkedIn and blog content

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Therapists and Coaches

Let my writing align perfectly with your energy - whether you're a business mentor, reflexologist, aromatherapist, personal coach, spiritual healer or change management and career coach. When you get to the heart of what you do and why you do it, you'll attract the right clients through your words.

I find this side of my business so nourishing, there really is no job too small. Book a freebie chat today.

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From concepting through to brand language guidance and digital content strategy, I'll do more than just pad out your pages or create soulless SEO copywriting without a purpose.

I've written everything from high-street holiday brochures to complex thought-leadership articles for multinationals. I know my stuff. Book a discovery call today.


Website refresh

Everyone should review their website content at least once a year. A quick copy shake-up could be all you need to highlight a new qualification or tweak your tone of voice for a new, fresh audience. Book a simple, flat-fee website refresh to give everything a quick lick of paint without the expense of a rewrite. 


I have a background in writing for corporate, only these days I write thought leadership for the empathetic end of business. Whether you're an enterprise eager to grow your online presence and authority or you're a consultancy supporting other people to do this, I can write compelling, well researched thought leadership in your tone of voice. My talent is passing my work off as someone else's.

If you have a wealth of cutting edge ideas but no time to express them, I can craft your thoughts into a LinkedIn or blog post. Talk to me about how I can move you forward.

  • For coaching: select the right programme for you and book online.

  • For brand language guidance:  you can book directly here but please feel free to talk to me first if you want to.

  • For copywriting: book a free virtual coffee to tell me what you need, I'll talk you through the process and then if we decide we're a good fit, I'll get to work. I'll give you everything you need to know about costs, payment options and timings upfront.

  • If you're not sure or you want to know more about me and what I do, please book a free chat.




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