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Time for a refresh?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Take time out to revive your love for what you do, explore the core of your language and put some brightness back into your communications.

What's your story? Is it still the same as ever or has it changed lately? How about the tone of your Facebook, Insta and LinkedIn posts and profiles? What about your website?

Most tech and web experts recommend you conduct a website audit once a year. Whether you do it yourself or get a specialist in, checking links, load speed, images, meta tags and keywords is a quick and easy way to make sure you’re visible and attracting the right traffic.

But what about your copy and content?

(Do you know the difference between copy and content? Unlock next-level creativity by learning about the functions each has and the roles they play by clicking here)

A cool update

The words you used a year ago may not reflect you or what you do anymore.

  • Have you moved into a new niche? If so, do you need to change your tone?

  • Has your offering changed?

  • Are you talking to a slightly different audience - what language are they likely to respond to, be inspired by?

  • You may need to put paragraphs in a different order or change your choice of words to promote key services or products.

  • Consider signposting site visitors or Facebook group members to trending products and services, promote new ones or revive interest in once-popular ones.

  • Champion benefit - what kind of feedback have you had over the past year? What do people really love about what you do?

Make it fizz

Not only will it revive your passion for what you do but it’ll appease the algorithm gods, wake up your audience and could give you the ideal opportunity to do a mini-relaunch. It might push you into a major relaunch - who knows where it will take you?

Look through and update your portfolio. The same goes for your testimonials - can you pick out a few pull-quotes? These make for great social media tiles and graphics on your website.

Take it easy

Don’t overthink it. Try revamping your About Me page first or open a fresh, new page on your laptop or notebook and work through your brand language.

Ask someone you trust for advice. It doesn’t need to be a business contact but if you’ve got one who just happens to be a trusted friend too, all the better. Ask them what they like about what you do, what kind of language reflects you and what would attract them to you if they were reading about you online.

Look at headings and paragraphs. Pick out pithy little phrases and keep writing tight. Some people skim rather than read, so make sure your message is clear.

And serve

Take it further: if you’re a networker, think about how you can weave these things into your business and personal intro. Play around with ideas, see what works for you.

Above all, have fun. This process is all about looking back and celebrating your successes and how far your business has come, how it has pivoted and where you’d like to take it in the future.

Amanda Fearn is a busy copywriter, brand language specialist and writing coach. To book a simple website refresh for your business, click here.

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