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Workshop worksheet

Fresh Salad
Developing a 45-second networking presentation or how to prep a snack-sized word salad

Just a taster of my Word Workshop but I've more to share. Please contact me if you'd like to know more.

Let’s start thinking about your presentation (don’t write anything yet, unless it’s to jot down a few notes). A good networking introduction should cover three things:


  • What do I do?

  • Why do I do it?

  • Why should anyone care?


Think about five words for each of the four bullet points.


Keep it quick-fire. Only allow yourself thirty seconds or so per category – this needs to be an instant, impulsive reaction.


  • How do you describe yourself, who are you? 

  • Your St Tropez you. 

  • Your Wall Street you. 

  • Your gift – and by this, I mean the human value of what you give to the world. 


You’ll have a word bank of around twenty words now


  • Expand on them if you like (a thesaurus can help)

  • Sit with them for a minute – are there any that start to shine? Circle them, these are your words.


Don’t skip this step – it makes sure the words you choose really reflect you and you don’t fall into cliché.


Now construct your profile – initially write just one sentence for each.

  • What do I do?

  • Why you do it?

  • Why should anyone care?




  • Develop your word bank – it’ll change as your business grows.

  • Allow yourself to disappear down the rabbit hole that is

  • Adapt the text for other platforms.


When it comes to writing remember, less is more but make sure every word counts.


I’ve taken you through the basic steps of branding, concepting, tone of voice and constructing a piece of writing. Often a tricky task, so feel proud of your accomplishment.


If you’d like a little more help, please call me, check out my Facebook page or have a nose around the blog for more tips.

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